Michael St Clair – The Sound of Jahzz

Michael St Clair has much to smile about these days having recently won a SOCAN Urban Songwriter Award for a top 10 hit with jacksoul. British born, Canadian honed with a Caribbean heritage, this multi-talented artist is as musically diverse as his influences having worked with countless recording artists including Ian Thomas, Percy Sledge and the Extras. “I have had an incredibly rewarding career as a guitar player because I have joined forces with many great songwriters and entertainers from a large variety of musical backgrounds. This has been an invaluable contribution because it has allowed me to express myself in my current ‘producer guitarist songwriter’ mode.”

St Clair’s CD Blues Beach World, which is currently a jazz semi-finalist in the UBL chart competition, showcases his eclectic style with its sultry jazz/reggae/R&B feel. He explains, “Much of this CD was written during my stay in Jamaica while absorbing the musical and cultural vibes and is a result of learning how to express my music with the new production tools available. The experience gave me the opportunity to combine my blues and R&B with the local beats; I refer to the music as “having a ‘jahzz’ sound (jah plus jazz).”

In addition to being inspired by the music of great artists like Miles Davis, Santana, Stevie Wonder and David Bowie he is also motivated by those in his inner circle, “My Love, my kids and all surrounding feelings encourage and generate energy into my music.” Over the last 10 years Michael has also dedicated much energy into his children. “I am happy that they have developed interests of their own … my daughter loves to write music and my son enjoys baseball. I am proud of both of them.”

St Clair is keeping busy these days with a variety of projects. He is presently working on his next CD which will be “a nutritious sound for the mind and soul” and will be released spring of 2007. Having already produced a successful international release with the Arsenals, he is currently in production for their next release and is also collaborating with other Canadian and international artists.

More info: www.myspace.com/michaelstclair and download music at yahoo or itunes.