Coca-Cola® Cans go White in Support of the Polar Bear

Have you seen the new white Coca-Cola® cans that aim to raise awareness for the world’s declining polar bear population? The company has turned their cans from red to white with an added image of a mother polar bear and her cubs that are available in stores this holiday season.

With nearly two thirds of the world’s polar bear population living right here in Canada, this Arctic species is a fundamental part of our ecosystem and culture. However, the Arctic home of the polar bear is in danger as climate change continues to affect their fragile environment.

As Canadians we have a special responsibility to help protect this habitat and that is why Coca-Cola Ltd. has partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect the home of the polar bear. As a symbol of this commitment Coca-Cola has already donated $2 million to kick off the Arctic Home campaign and will match up to $1 million in donations until March 15, 2012.

You too can make a difference. Donate online at – you can also explore, experience and learn about the polar bear and its Arctic home by watching video chats with WWF scientists and tracking virtual polar bear sightings.