It’s National Cereal Day on March 7 – What Does Your Cereal Say About You?

Are you a Lovey-Dovey Life Lover? Or maybe a Nutty Know-It-All? How about a Dynamic Daredevil? To celebrate National Cereal Day on March 7, Kellogg Canada is revealing what your cereal says about you with the release of its first-ever #NationalCerealDay Survey of Canadians.

Kellogg’s Top Five Cereal Personalities
The Lovey-Dove Life Lover
Love to top your cereal with fresh berries? 90% of Canadians perceive you as passionate or romantic. Prefer to swap out regular milk for chocolate milk? You may also be seen as happy and friendly.

The Content Conformist
While only 8% of Canadians perceive someone who eats cereal with milk and fresh fruit as daring, the good news is (bowl half full!) 72%see you as happy or outgoing.

The Hot-Headed Hot Shot
Do you start your day by adding a dash of cinnamon or spice to your cereal? Uh-oh, more than four out of five Canadians say you are bossy, contradictory and go against the grain.

The Dynamic Daredevil
Wish you were quirky or daring? Well, if you dress up your cereal with coconut shavings or cacao nibs and pair it with a milk alternative, 63% of Canadians say you are just that!

The Nutty Know-It-All
Top your cereal with nuts and nothing else? Survey says…you may be nutty! In fact, 33%  of Canadians perceive you as bossy, while 25% of Canadians think of you as quirky.

In addition to the top five cereal personalities, Canadians surveyed also linked specific cereal toppings and bases, such as milk, milk alternatives and yoghurt, to particular personality characteristics.
-90% of Canadians perceive those who combine different cereals in a single bowl as being free-spirited risk takers
-Eat every last flake or grain of cereal in the bowl? Four out of five respondents agree that you live life to the fullest.
-Nearly 40% of Canadians view those who swap Greek yogurt for milk in their bowl as intelligent.

So, what does your cereal say about you? Do you fit one of these personality profiles? Or do you combine different ingredients and flavours to make it your own? This March 7th, download the National Cereal Day infographic here and proudly declare what your cereal says about you in social media using the hashtag #NationalCerealDay.

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