Here Me at Toronto Fringe

Where: Tarragon Theatre – Extraspace, 30 Bridgman Avenue
When: July 5-15, 2018
Cost: $13 in advance. Can be purchased at, by calling 416-966-1062, or in person at the Fringe Patio at Scadding Court, 707 Dundas Street West.

Details: Words lie. The body does not. Here Me, a solo set to premiere this summer at the Toronto Fringe, follows an individual’s attempt to communicate, without words, the unique struggle of her atypical Deaf identity. The audience is exposed to methods of communication that are as provocative as they are mesmerizing. These methods serve not only to trespass conventional boundaries found between artist and audience, but also to nurture and deepen the obscure relationships between audience members.

The production is series of stories and experiences created in the moment – the dialogues created between each night may be similar or drastically different. Choices are made by both audience and artist as they interact, witnessing and feeling joy, grief and laughter. In exiting the conversation, no two participants take home the same experience. Running time is 60 minutes.

Here Me is directed, choreographed and performed by deaf contemporary dance artist AESTRIDR, known to family and friends as Amelia Nyla Jakasa. At the age of six she was diagnosed with profound bilateral hearing loss and subsequently began wearing hearing aids. Much of her work is based on her atypical identity as a deaf individual, having never been assimilated into Deaf culture.

**Note: Not recommended for persons under age 18**

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