Portia’s Julius Caesar at Hart House Theatre

JD Leslie as the Soothsayer and Athena Kaitlin Trinh as Portia. Photo by Scott Gorman

Where: Hart House Theatre, 7 Hart House Circle
When: November 15-30, 2019
Cost: Adults $28; Seniors $20; Students $15. Every Wednesday night – $12 Student tickets. Tickets can be purchased at harthouse.ca

Details: Hart House Theatre continues to mark its 100th Anniversary Season and presents one of Shakespeare’s most memorable political dramas…with a big twist. Named one of the top shows of 2018 by The Toronto Star after its summer premiere, Portia’s Julius Caesar is an unapologetically feminist take on Shakespeare’s classic account of political upheaval. Through the eyes of a Roman wife, Portia’s Julius Caesar uses a mix of new words and the rich poetry from over 20 of Shakespeare’s works to explore the role of women in classic story-telling, ancient Roman society and politics.

Written by Kaitlyn Riordan, directed by Eva Barrie, set design by Rachel Forbes, costume design by Julia Kim, lighting design by Chris Malkowski and sound design by Andy Trithardt.

Warning: Violent content

More Info: www.harthousetheatre.ca @hhtheatre @HHtheatre