Gérard Bertrand

What’s your number? No, this is not a pick-up line but it does concern an innovative French wine and a French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand. Inheriting a passion for the wines of the South of France from his father and owning 325 hectares of vineyards in the famous region of Languedoc, Gérard has brought the study of wine (oenology) and the study of numbers (numerology) together in his original collection “Cuvée des Nombres.” Now available in Ontario, Gérard recently introduced Number 3 and Number 7 from his collection.

According to numerology everything in the universe is related to numbers; each number refers to a different personality, emotion, vibration and colour. When it comes to wines, each has its own origin, history, grape variety and colour. For example, Number 3 refers to desire, purity and expression. Gérard has matched this number with the sauvignon grape which is fresh, crisp, lively, fruity with uplifting energetic aromas.

So if you wonder which wine best suits your personality you can unveil this mystery by savouring a glass of Gérard Bertrand and you will be delighted with the fine quality. Better yet, you can visit Gérard’s vineyards in Southern France and stay at his hotel, Chateau L’Hospitalet. With its 38 luxury rooms and restaurant featuring Mediterranean cuisine, you can relax, drink wine and enjoy the exotic climate.

For more information visit: www.gerard-bertrand.com