Eyeglow – This Little Light of Mine

The lights are soft, the mood is mellow and a glass of wine rests on the nightstand. Your racy new novel is beckoning, while your “significant other” is resting soundly between the sheets.

The dilemma … you don’t want to disturb the sleeping beauty lying next to you by turning on glaring lights using the old “clap on, clap off” method. So what do you do? You can thank your lucky star that you purchased a pair of Eyeglow reading glasses which provides you the extra light to see in low light situations.

Fresh this season, this product is carefully crafted with a small but intense LED light on each temple which gives you approx. 16 hours of light for your reading pleasures. Available at Josephson Opticians these magnifiers are not meant to take the place of medically prescribed eyeglasses but to reduce the difficulties often caused by an inadequately lit atmosphere.

Retailing for $85 and available in three colours, you don’t have to worry about the frame design being compromised; Eyeglow eyewear is modern and sleek-looking; definitely a positive fashion statement. Ideal as a bedside accessory, the product is also a trendy travel companion for planes, trains and automobiles.

Be kind to your eyesight and take the time to shine a little light on your reading experiences.