Lower Your Cholesterol with Astro BioBest Plant Sterols Yogurt

With an already diverse line-up of yogurt products, Asto BioBest has something new to offer Canadian yogurt lovers – the first and only probiotic yogurt to contain plant sterols is now available in Canada.

So what’s all the excitement about? Plant sterols are naturally occurring substances found in everyday foods like fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts and grains. The daily recommended amount for adults is 2g – this means you would have to eat approx. 100 pounds of raw fruits and veges daily. Or you can do it the simple way – consume two 100g servings of BioBest probiotic yogurt with Plant Sterols daily and your cholesterol could be reduced by 10% in only three weeks.

So now you can enjoy a smooth, creamy and delicious yogurt snack and take control of your cholesterol health at the same time. BioBest Plant Sterols yogurt is available in four flavours – strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and raspberry – and can be purchased at most large chain supermarkets and independent retailers across the country (ranges from $5.99-$6.99 per 8 unit package).

Try this recipe by Astro to kick start your day:

Morning Energy Booster

1 cup Astro BioBest Plant Sterols yogurt, Blueberry flavour
1 cup fresh or frozen bluberries
1 cup fresh or frozen sliced peaches
½ cup grape or Beatrice apple juice

In a blender add Astro BioBest Plant Sterols yogurt, fruit and juice. Blend until smooth. Add more juice if necessary for desired consistency. Serve immediately.
Makes two servings.