Scentsy – The Power of Scent

Have you had the experience of smelling a certain perfume or cologne of someone you used to date and then have a sudden flash of memories and emotions associated with that person? Toronto Psychotherapist Kimberly Moffit says that most Canadians don’t realize the power scent has over us – after all, our sense of smell is our most powerful memory trigger.

“There is a part of our brain, the olfactory bulb, that specifically connects memory with stimuli. When we sniff a scent for the first time our brain actually forges a link between the scent and the experience that we were going through; when we smell that scent again, we will experience some of the emotions that were with us that very first time.” The good news is that 90% of the time this experience will be a positive one because most of the things that we originally smell are in childhood, so most fragrances will conjure up pleasant childhood memories.

Retailers know how to harness the power of scent by putting certain fragrances in stores. This technique not only enhances the shopping environment but makes shoppers feel good while browsing and helps them to remember the brand. Teaming up with Scentsy (a company that specializes in scented, flameless and wickless candles) Kimberly offers some tips on how you can use scent to improve your moods and environments.


– Scentsy has over 80 fragrances … their Baked Apple Pie scent is an effective aid in triggering people’s positive childhood memories which, in turn, will make them feel at ease. Works well if you are looking to sell your house or having a dinner party.

– Kimberly has a busy practice and most of the time when clients visit her office for the first time they are a little nervous. She uses Scentsy’s French Lavender which helps them to relax and unwind.

– Spicy scents can actually increase our appetites and help with digestion – Kimberly recommends using Scentsy’s Clove and Cinnamon for dinner parties.

– Vanilla is a long known aphrodisiac and can enhance those feelings of romance. Scentsy’s Vanilla Cream can encourage eager Moms and Dads to get in the mood!

– Citrus helps to make us feel more energetic and motivated; using Scentsy’s Sunkissed Citrus in the morning will facilitate that get-up-and-go feeling. Kimberly suggests that you plug a light timer into the same electrical outlet as your Scentsy Decorative Warmer and set the timer for ½ an hour before you open your eyes. When it turns on you will awaken to a lovely burst of citrus.

– With so many Scentsy fragrances to choose from, it’s a good idea to put your nose to the test and find out what works best for you. To find out more info or where to buy Scentsy products, visit and find a consultant near you.