Lisa Rogers – Fashion Tips to Manage Those Annoying Hot Flashes

Lisa Rogers
Lisa Rogers

According to a recent Leger Marketing survey, 82% of Canadian women experience hot flashes during menopause with 43% admitting that their menopausal symptoms have moderately or highly impacted their lives. Lisa Rogers, renowned fashion expert and guest expert on CityLine, shares a few fashion tips for women who won’t let these symptoms stand in the way of enjoying life, especially during the holiday season.

“When you think about the demographics of women who are getting older, it’s a big part of the population who are going through some part of the menopause cycle; it can be a very difficult thing for women to deal with. At the end of the day it’s about absorbing the moisture and dealing with as it comes along unexpectedly. The thing that struck me as being most important is really in the fabrics that you are wearing.”

Lisa suggests wearing undergarments made from natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo. When you sweat, these natural fabrics not only absorb and dry quickly but they allow your body to breath. She recommends layering your clothing and, again, keeping the fabrics all natural. “There are lots of wonderful combed cottons you can wear underneath a blouse whether it’s sleeveless or even a lovely long-sleeved crewneck … And a silk blouse is the last thing you want to put on under a big bulky wool sweater! Silk is so tightly woven that as soon as you wear it you’ll immediately start to perspire. Instead, you want to layer your look with a cotton or linen blouse under a nice light wool cardigan.”

Having been involved with Lauren Hutton’s makeup line, she is also knowledgeable when it comes to makeup. “Less makeup is best. As women mature, we should stay away all from products that have a high level of glitter, mica and carmine – and most makeup is full of these ingredients. The moment you put them on your face not only does it highlight your fine lines and make your eyelids look crepey but it also creates a strange sheen effect when you break out into a hot flash.”

Lisa wants to continue reaching out to women who are suffering from menopausal symptoms and would love to do a piece about it on CityLine. “We are always doing things on the show for women who are different sizes, etc. … but as women, we are all universally going through this.”