Spice up your Valentine’s Day

The latest K-Y® Brand Intimacy Report found that half of Canadians wish their partners would put more thought into planning for special occasions. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching why not take the opportunity to spice things up with your significant other. Teesha Morgan, relationship expert and registered sex therapist, gives us some tips on how to bring more excitement, intimacy and adventure into your relationship.

“Valentine’s Day is in the top four of celebrated holidays for Canadian couples so it is a great opportunity to tell your partner that you desire them and still appreciate them. The K-Y survey shows that the majority of Canadians would rather stay in and have sex than go out with friends, catch up on entertainment gossip, play video games or work out; people really do want to spend that extra time with their partner.”

Teesha suggests putting together a little care basket for your partner which can be anything from throwing in their favourite beer to tickets to a game/concert of their choice or some K-Y® Brand Touch™ 2-in-1 Warming™ Oil which will help steam things up between the sheets. Also, instead of going out for the evening consider staying in for dinner then read an erotic book together in bed with a glass of wine.

“In long-term relationships, it’s easy for day-to-day interactions to become routine and repetitive, but it’s important to find new and creative ways to stimulate your partner both emotionally and physically,” adds Teesha. “Making time for both is the key to connecting with your partner and keeping things exciting in the bedroom and out on Valentine’s Day and beyond.”

Throughout 2012, Teesha will be answering couples’ hottest sex/intimacy questions as part of the K-Y® Brand Intimacy Booth at www.Facebook.com/IntimacyExperiment. All questions can be submitted anonymously, and select answers will be posted in video responses and shared with the community where couples can learn, listen and share. K-Y® Brand will also be offering product giveaways, coupons and exciting contests for couples in the coming months.

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