Sunrise Stir-fry tofu n’ sauce™

Sesame Sizzle Meal


Sesame Sizzle Meal

Sunrise Soya Food, Canada’s leader in traditional and innovative tofu and soy products, has made it effortless for Canadians to make a meal rich in protein in only five minutes with their latest product Stir-fry tofu n’ sauce™. Already pre-marinated and cubed, this tofu product comes in three flavours – Teriyaki, Sesame Ginger and Sweet & Sour. The bonus – made of all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no cholesterol and zero trans fat.

Try this recipe with rice, pasta or noodles.

Sesame Sizzle

1 pkg Shirataki Noodles Spaghetti
1 pkg Stir-fry tofu n’ sauce™ Sesame Ginger
2 cups vegetables of your choice (carrot, mushrooms, asparagus, etc.)
½ cup of water

– Heat ½ cup of water in a wok on high. Add the veggies and cook until tender, and until most of the water is evaporated
-Add the pouch of cubed and marinated tofu and continue cooking for 2 minutes or until tofu is heated through
-Remove Shirataki noodles from package and rinse and drain well
– Heat noodles in microwave oh high for one minute and blot dry with paper towel
– Add noodles to stir-fry and mix well

Available at major grocery retailers in the produce or deli section for $2.99 per package.