Final Thought Performs at Canadian Music Week

When asked to describe his band’s music in one sentence, Dustin Dopsa, lead guitarist and singer/songwriter of the Toronto trio Final Thought, replies confidently, “pop/rock that punches you in the face.” With Brandon Hawthorne on bass and Tom Watson on drums, the band’s commanding sound is rock music driven by electric guitars with catchy hooks and melodies. Their dynamic edge and infectious style is demonstrated in their recently released full length album What We Need.

Part of the 2012 Slacker Canadian Music Week lineup of over 900 showcasing acts, Final Thought wants to get noticed by the industry. “I think we’re a little edgier and heavier than the regular pop rock acts. We try our best as an independent band to do everything to the best of our ability, like 110%, and if it isn’t at that level we don’t want to put it out.”

With so many bands trying to break through, Dustin knows that becoming successful these days is no easy feat, “I think it’s about really trying to bleed through the noise of everything else that’s really going on out there. It’s almost like the art isn’t even so much about the music or writing a song anymore – it’s about getting people to notice. It’s kind of strange and weird to say this but it’s about standing out.”

Putting it into a relationship context, Final Thought has been “going steady” for four years now. In this short time span they have already been featured on Much Music TV, have one of their songs playing on the newest season of Degrassi and their video “Tell All Your Friends” is in rotation on MUCH LOUD.

In addition, the band is in the process of putting together a documentary style film.  Dustin adds, “I’m really excited cause not every independent band will go out of their way to do this … it’s a different venue for our art to be noticed and it would be great to maybe get it into a couple of film festivals. You gotta give people more and you gotta have something else going on if you want to stick around.”

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