Protect your Hair with Dove Reformulated Haircare Products

Did you know that over 37% of women claim that they do not use conditioners on a daily basis? When hair is wet, it can easily stretch and ultimately break in the shower from the repetitive and harsh movements that come from shampooing and tangling. Conditioners are important because they help with detangling and add an extra layer of protection both inside and outside of the shower.

Dove has reformulated their Daily Moisture and Intensive Repair product ranges, designed to transform the hair by making it up to 5 times smoother after just one use. The products also help replenish hair with an added moisture layer to reduce breakage, dryness and help combat environmental factors.

The new lineup of products ($7.99 each) includes:
•     Daily Moisture Shampoo: with tri-silicone technology to ensure that hair is evenly moisturized.
•     Daily Moisture Conditioner: contains a pro-moisture complex that infuses hair with amino acids.
•     Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: includes Keratin Repair Actives, reducing breakage and helping prevent split ends.
•     Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner: provides extra care for damage-prone hair.

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