Share a Coke with Canada!

This summer Coca-Cola Canada will be swapping its iconic logo with 290 of Canada’s most popular names. You can now have fun finding the names of family and friends – or someone you haven’ seen in a while, someone you want to meet, someone you miss, love or even have a crush on – and share a Coke and special moment of happiness together!

These popular names will appear on 591/500 mL bottles of Coca-Cola. Several titles such as Family, Friends, Love and Coach will be featured on 2 litre bottles and 12 and 15 pack cases of 355 mL cans of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

What are you waiting for! Share moments of happiness with Coca-Cola through social media @cocacola_ca on Twitter and by using the #shareacokecanada. For more info visit