Wheat Thins Adds Two New Bold Flavours!

The snack you can eat instead of chips just got more flavourful. Wheat Thins has introduced two bold new flavours to tantalize your taste buds – Nacho Cheese and Sundried Tomato & Basil. Baked with that whole grain crunch we know and love, you can enjoy them alone or with our suggested toppings:





Nacho Cheese Wheat Thins
– Guacamole with a slice of jalapeno
– Sliced cooked sausages, sour cream and a slice of onion
– Pulled pork, bacon bits and chopped tomatoes









Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins
– Smoke salmon and cream cheese and a couple of capers
– Grilled Shrimp & goat cheese with a chopped leeks
– Sautéed mushroom & Olive paste




Wheat Thins are currently available in grocery stores across Canada for $2.99.