Knorr’s New Film Celebrates the Greatest Flavour on Earth

According to new research commissioned by Knorr, Canadians love home cooked meals, specifically mom’s meals! In fact, the flavour of certain foods has the ability to transport people back to the comfort of home and the meaningful moments in their lives.

The research reveals that three quarters (76%) of Canadians find comfort in certain foods when they are away from home. The vast majority (70%) say just one taste of their mother’s cooking brings back happy memories from childhood, while 59% of Canadians say the best recipe in the world is one that mom used to make.

Knorr explores the power of flavour in its new short film, Flavour of Home. The film tells the story of a mother’s journey across the Arctic to surprise her daughter, Carmen, with a homemade meal cooked just like when Carmen was a child. Culminating in a touching moment, it reveals that the greatest flavour on earth is the taste of home.

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