Tapestry Explorations: Tables Turned

Nicole Lizée. Photo Credit: Murray Lightburn

Ernest Balmer Studio, Studio 315, 9 Trinity Street, Distillery Historic District
When: March 20-21, 2015 at 8pm
Cost: All Tickets are $35 and can be purchased online at tapestryopera.com or by calling 416.537.6066 X253

Details: TAP:EX (Tapestry Explorations) is Tapestry Opera’s annual experimental production that looks to define the future of opera. This year’s installment, Tables Turned, is where opera meets a DJ and turntables in a boundary-breaking multi-media concert. Vocal powerhouse Carla Huhtanen and pioneering composer Nicole Lizée join forces to reconfigure iconic moments in film and opera in a captivating display of electronic and vocal virtuosity.

Remixed clips from Alfred Hitchcock films, The Sound of Music, and video recordings of Maria Callas are projected alongside the performers, whose turntables and vocals fight and fuse in a live duet blurring the lines between what is real and what is re-imagined.

Now in its second year, TAP:EX is committed to evolution through innovation, exploring modes where the traditional genre of opera can assume a living, current form. In its year of inception, TAP:EX took the language of contemporary dance and physical theatre and fused them with opera.

Tapestry Opera, currently celebrating its 35th season, is committed to defining the future of opera with stories that both reflect and comment on the present day, with a language and style that is both familiar and surprising. Tapestry will go further and push harder to explore new worlds of sound that ignite the imaginations of artists, championing and consolidating a Canadian repertoire for the world stage.

More Info: www.tapestryopera.com   @TAPESTRYOPERA  facebook.com/TapestryOpera