Soul 7 – Holistic Cancer Support Centre

“To heal naturally, we need to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic energies of our nervous system. It is all about energy flow the body so it can heal itself. One can achieve that Flow State (.1hz) in multiple ways. Our Mindful Healing Technologies help that process.” Bob Berman, Founder of Soul 7.

Bob Berman, founder of Soul 7, was a lawyer for 25 years and gave it all up to open this innovative technology based healing centre after the loss of his wife to cancer. Through this journey he discovered technologies and therapies that are widely used around the world to activate the body’s innate ability to self-heal. Unfortunately these unique technologies were not made available to his wife. In her memory, Bob has created a unique program designed to help those who are suffering from cancer and is launching this for April’s cancer awareness month.

He has even gone a step further offering a one-for-one free cancer support program and is also creating a new program designed for children suffering from cancer. During cancer awareness month, Soul 7 has initiated a social media campaign with 100% of the proceeds going towards Sick Kids Hospital’s Oncology department.

Soul 7’s holistic cancer support is for individuals who have been diagnosed with all types of cancer. They believe that people with cancer need a boosted immune system and a balanced nervous system to optimize the healing process.   
Technologies include:

1. Guided Visualization (Developed By Dr. Clifford Saunders PhD): A form of focused relaxation that creates harmony between the mind and body. Through focusing your imagination you are able to visualize calm and peaceful scenarios in your mind. This therapy provides a powerful psychological strategy that enhances coping skills and it involves all the senses.

2. Pulsed-Electromagnetic Field Frequency Therapy (PEMF): PEMF Treatments used alone or in tandem with other therapies help your body rebalance cellular dysfunction. Benefits include: reduced pain, improved energy, accelerated repair of bone and soft tissue, improved circulation and blood oxygenation, cellular detox and regeneration and immune boosting.

3. Far Infra-Red Heat Therapy: Generates infrared frequencies and heat that interact with crushed amethyst to help the heat penetrate more deeply into the core and tourmaline crystals to generate negative ions which charge the air around the individual which are conducive to healing. Studies that show that people with cancer have a cold inner core.  Cancer cells like to produce in a cold and dark environment therefore using the Biomat helps to heat the inner core creating a healing environment.

4. VibroAccoustic Therapy: Stress causes muscles to have permanent contractions, which in turn, constantly remind the brain of the anxiety from which the stress originated. Such a vicious cycle causes collateral damage around the spine and cranial cavity. This state of the art Neuro-Muscular Vibration Therapy directly communicates with the central nervous system releasing tensions and previously accumulated stress and boosting the immune system which is compromised for those going suffering from cancer.

Located at 17 Yorkville Ave #100 in Toronto, Soul 7’s one-for-one free cancer support program is all about giving back. In memory of his wife Bob has offered Soul 7’s cancer support program for free to anyone in need. When one program of any type is purchased one gets donated to those in need. For more info visit