Grill Like a Pro – COOKINA Barbecue Reusable Grilling Sheet

What: To kick off BBQ season, it’s time to revolutionize the way you cook outdoors by grilling faster, cleaner and tastier meals for the entire family with the COOKINA Barbecue Reusable Grilling Sheet.

About: The innovative grilling sheet is reusable, reversible and guarantees that nothing drips onto your grill. Best of all, you can say goodbye to your BBQ grill brush, scrubber and scraper and never worry about #WhatsOnYourGrill. With it, Canadians can sear a great quality steak with professional grill lines, wipe off the grilling sheet and then caramelize pineapple for desert without any flavour transfer. It’s a must-have BBQ tool for any avid griller.

Bonus: Heat-resistant up to an amazing 550 degrees Fahrenheit, retain heat just like a BBQ plate and ensure your food is tender, juicy and tasty. Its non-stick surface allows food to cook to perfection without using oils or sprays to grease the surface — meaning food is healthier too!

Where: Available at leading home and cooking retailers such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot, RONA, Home Hardware, Metro, Sobeys/IGA and Retails from $12.99-$14.99. More info visit