Canadian Designer Jillian Harris Shares Five Lifestyle Tips to Simplify Your Life

Jillian Harris and New Excel Naturally Sweetened Gum

Sometimes the things you love the most are the result of simplifying the choices you make every day. That’s the inspiration behind a new partnership between Jillian Harris, one of Canada’s favourite designers, and Excel Naturally Sweetened gum, a new choice from the nation’s number one chewing gum brand, Excel. The partnership is designed to inspire Canadians to make simple choices they can love for their homes, fashion, food, entertaining and the essentials they take with them every day.

Jillian’s Lifestyle Tips to Simplify Your Life
1. Consider Easy Layers –  If you’re on the go, or are short on time when it comes to outfit selection, opt for clothing with built-in layers. Layering can help add dimension and a quick flare to any outfit without much fuss or thought.

2. Count on a Bold Lip – To make a beauty statement with minimal effort, reach for your favourite lipstick or crayon to add a pop of colour. A bold lip allows for the rest of your make-up to be minimal and kept more neutral. Layer your lips using a lip balm first to ensure they are not dry or chapped before applying your lipstick.

3. Freshen Up – Don’t over complicate things when you’re in need of a quick, fresh boost! In any situation, whether a night out with friends or at a dinner party, chew a stick of Excel Naturally Sweetened Gum for a fresh boost without sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners and colours. Keep packs in your purse for easy access on-the-go.

4. Decorate with Texture – A simple way to make big impact in any room is by including elegant décor items for added texture. Keep it simple – to add dimension to any space, include a sleek mirror, or throw faux fur to add some interest to flat furniture.

5. Sharing is Caring – When hosting your next dinner party, or a get-together with friends, consider creating small, sharing plates everyone can enjoy versus slaving over main courses. Keep it simple with classic favourites such as a nice charcuterie board, captain kale ceaser salad, and simple pasta dishes. Sharing plates are both a fun and simple way for any group to enjoy a bit of everything without the guilt.

About Excel Naturally Sweetened Gum:
Excel Naturally Sweetened gum is a new product now available for Canadians looking for a gum made with fewer ingredients and without any artificial colours or sweeteners. Sold in five-stick packs in Spearmint and Peppermint flavours. Available at grocery, drug and convenience stores at a suggested retail price of $0.69. For more info visit or