Becel Encourages Canadians to Bake with Heart

In celebration of Heart Month, Becel margarine is unveiling the first film in its Baking with Heart series to demonstrate the true motivation behind baking and encourage Canadians to bake for someone special in their life.

We don’t just bake for special occasions. We bake for special people. This insight was the inspiration behind the Bake with Heart film which it brings to life through the touching story of real people, coping with sorrow and baking with hope.

In this first film, we meet Lucy, Jean and Margot. We follow Lucy as she yearns for a way to say thank you to a special person in her life, Jean, when words are simply not enough. With the help of her daughter, Margot, Lucy bakes an old family recipe, the Passion Cake, and organizes a heartwarming gift to show how much Jean has touched their lives, and the lives of others.  It’s the sweetness of the gesture that demonstrates the impact of baking from the heart.

Experience the power of Baking with Heart by viewing the film here. We encourage you to spread the love by sharing the link.

For more info visit   @BecelCA