Celebrate your Hair with Dove’s New #LoveYourHair Campaign

Do you remember the last time you felt insecure or judged because of your hair? In a recent study by Dove, 88% of Canadian women say they feel pressured by media and society to wear their hair a certain way, and 93% of Canadian women agree that with different ethnicities and cultures in our society, we need to embrace the individuality of women’s hair. That’s why Dove is on a mission to broaden the definition of beautiful hair by celebrating all hair types, textures, styles and colours – inspiring real women to do the same with the new #LoveYourHair campaign.

Dove Hair is committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Take a look at Dove’s most recently launched video, created to show how women from different background’s are embracing and celebrating their hair.

For more info visit www.dove.ca  @DoveCanada