How to Travel to Dubai this Summer for under $1500

Downtown Dubai Skyline
Downtown Dubai Skyline

With the help of the Tourism Board of Dubai, here are some useful tips on how you can travel to Dubai on a budget for under $1500 for a week-long vacation. Sounds crazy given that most people see Dubai as a luxury destination only!

Sample Itinerary:
Airfare: Emirates flights as low as $750
Accommodations: Airbnb for as low as $20/night x 5 = $100
Food & Beverage: Groceries for the week $100

– Day 1: City Tour – get to know Dubai $75
– Day 2: Swim at one of Dubai’s free city beaches or shop at the popular Marina
– Day 3: Desert Safari + Falconry $165
– Day 4: Visit Gold Souks, The Dubai Fountain and Burj Kahlifa $55
– Day 5: Indoor Skiing at Mall of the Emirates $60

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