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What: Alli Mang’s Your First Moment Earns You More Moments – Stand Out in Today’s Job Market is filled with tips and information for people who are looking to make a change or for those who find themselves out of work.

About: Finding meaningful employment is getting increasingly more difficult in today’s global job market. In order to get hired you need to fully understand how to sell yourself and know what differentiates you from the competition. Your First Moment Earns You More Moments is a concise book filled with easy to apply results-oriented principles to help you identify, celebrate and own the power of knowing what makes you a stand out. It is an urgent call-to-action to understand how to sell yourself: who are you, your personal values, your expertise, your mindset and your reputation – which is your personal brand.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau brought this topic to the forefront in a press conference recently when he pointed out that many Canadians today can expect to be in short term contracts.

Bonus: Your First Moment Earns You More Moments inspires readers at various stages of their professional life to dig deeper within, to achieve even greater personal satisfaction and professional success. Reading this book will help you do the following:
· Create a customized plan of action to help you better your current professional position.
· Learn how to sell, present, promote and pitch your expertise in a winning way to get jobs, leverage your current situation and further your career.
· Create your personal brand and marketing toolbox that will immediately get you noticed for the right reasons by decision makers.
· Master easy to apply, tested and proven, results-oriented branding, sales and presentation strategies.

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