Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Green & Black’s Chocolate Recipes

Indulge in something new and exciting with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Together with renowned foodie and registered dietician Abbey Sharp, Green & Black’s has created delicious chocolate-inspired recipes that will ensure your Valentine’s Day is unforgettable. And here is our favourite pick which features premium organic chocolate that will be sure to add sweetness and sparks to your romantic evening.

Dark Chocolate Tahini Mousse with Pomegranates & Pistachios
This sweet treat is decadently exotic, paired with antioxidant-rich pomegranates and heart-healthy pistachios for a unique take one a classic chocolate mousse.

1 14 oz can full fat coconut milk
2 tbsp coconut sugar
1 1⁄2 tsp pomegranate molasses
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1⁄4 tsp sea salt
 50 g  Green & Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate, finely chopped
2 tbsp Tahini

1⁄4 cup pistachios, chopped
1⁄4 cup pomegranate arils (seeds)
 2 tbsp Green & Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate, curled or shaved for garnish

Directions: Place the coconut milk in the fridge overnight to separate the solids from the liquid. Remove from the fridge, flip over and open up the bottom of the can (the solids will have solidified on the top). Discard the liquid, and place the coconut cream in a bowl. Using electric beaters, beat the cream until fluffy and light. Add in the coconut sugar, pomegranate molasses, vanilla, and salt, and beat until well combined. Fill a medium pot an inch high with water. Place the pot on the burner over medium heat and bring the water to a gentle simmer. Place the Green & Black’s chocolate and tahini in a large heat-proof bowl and set over a pot. Let the chocolate melt, stirring often until smooth and melted. Use a spatula or hand whisk to mix the chocolate into the mousse until well combined. Divide between four small serving dishes and top with pistachios, pomegranate and chocolate curls.

**Abbey Sharp is a culinary Registered Dietitian (RD), a TV and radio personality, food brand spokesperson, a food writer and blogger and the founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc. @AbbeysKitchen

Green & Black’s chocolate is imported from the UK and is available in twelve unique flavours. These bars are ideal for sharing and creating impressive home-chef recipes. For more info visit www.greenandblacks.co.uk  @greenandblacks