Spread Festive Cheer with Green & Black’s Chocolate Cocktails

Tapping into Canadians’ passion for premium chocolate and love for the holidays, Green & Black’s has partnered with renowned Canadian chef and restaurateur of Toronto’s PianoPiano and Café Cancan, Victor Barry, to develop one-of-a-kind chocolate-inspired cocktail recipes. These exquisite, easy-to-make cocktails will elevate your mixology to an impressive new level to thrill your guests with a truly unique holiday taste experience.

While these luxurious cocktails will make a special appearance at Toronto’s Café Cancan and PianoPiano from December 5-21, 2017, Green & Black’s is providing these exclusive recipes so you can create these special cocktails at home for your own holiday entertaining.

Spicy Chocolate Cheer
Festive and picante! Ginger dark chocolate and Aneheim chilis combine to create a fiery infused tequila cocktail to tantalize your taste buds. Serve icy and cool, and these aromatic flavours will surely warm your senses.

Highland Holiday
Ditch the kilt for this Scottish experience! This smooth and smoky infusion combines luscious 80% premium dark chocolate with unpeated, single malt scotch for bold and decadent delight.

Blanc Café Lolita
According to Chef Barry, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried caramelized white chocolate, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. Topped with a decadent and caramelized white chocolate whip, this creamy and classic sweet treat combines rich espresso with a splash of vodka. Serve on the rocks for the perfect after dinner festive cup of joy.

For more info visit @ChefVBarry  www.greenandblacks.co.uk