Province Apothecary: NEW Dual Action Jade Facial Roller

What: Did you know that Jade Facial Rollers have been around for centuries? They were used as an integral part of the Chinese beauty regimes as far back as 7th century where the stone was believed to have healing and protective properties.

Province Apothecary has just rolled out their NEW Jade Facial Rollers for summer. This is the ideal beauty tool to complete your daily skincare routine all-year-around because it will activate, soothe and depuff for truly glowing and healthy skin!

About: The smooth, cooling jade stone works best after a facial massage and after applying products to tone while reducing puffiness and smoothing skin. The knobby end is extremely stimulating, increasing blood flow and breaking up fine lines. It gently exfoliates and helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. Use smooth side after to calm and soothe the skin.

*Not recommended for irritated, problem skin including rosacea, acne and eczema.*

Bonus: The gorgeous light green color makes it the most aesthetically-pleasing decoration for any bathroom counter.

Cost: Jade Roller sells for $44. For more info and to order visit  @ProvApothecary