Peter Pan and the Wendy Lady at Campbell House Museum

Photo by White Mills Theatre Co. featuring Breanna Maloney

Where: Campbell House Museum, 160 Queen Street West
When: March 8-23, 2024
Cost: Tickets range $40.49 to $53.09 and can be purchased online at

Details: “While she was dreaming, the window blew open, and a boy dropped to the floor. He was accompanied by a strange light, no bigger than your fist, which darted about the room like a living thing. It must have been this light that woke her … “

Harnessing verbatim text, movement, opera and live instrumentation, Peter Pan and the Wendy Lady explores J.M. Barrie’s most beloved characters like they’ve never been seen before, including the feral lost boys, Captain Hook and his cadaverous crew, the mischievous Tinker Bell, and the timeless duo—Peter Pan and Wendy Darling.

When her dreams invade the waking world, a misfit storyteller leaves high society behind as she’s whisked away to a universe of her own making. Joined by a quarrelsome fairy and the boy who taught her to fly, she quickly discovers that a life of adventure comes at a price. With the memory of her family fading, she and her companions must outwit a hungry crocodile, brawl with pirates, and find the magic within themselves to return home again, or remain in the land of make-believe forever. An immersive glimpse of Edwardian Toronto featuring the music of Strauss, Rachmaninoff, and Vivaldi.

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