The Caged Bird Sings at Aga Khan Museum

Where: Aga Khan Museum, Courtyard, 77 Wynford Drive, North York
When: June 10-26, 2024
Cost: Ticket Price: $36 Regular; $32.40 Friends, Students, Seniors and Arts Workers. Include a contribution to support Canadian artists: $55 Regular; $49.50 Friends, Students, Seniors and Arts Workers. Limited number of rush tickets will be available at the door. Tickets include same-day Museum admission. Can be purchase online at

Details: The Caged Bird Sings, specially presented by  the Aga Khan Museum  in association with  Theatre ARTaud, is a re-imagining and radical adaptation of Rumi’s “Masnavi”,  The Caged Bird Sings  reveals a cage within a cage as this surreal piece unfolds for audiences in the round.

An original piece written by  Rouvan Silogix,  Rafeh Mahmud,  and  Ahad Lakhani,  The Caged Bird Sings  holds  three prisoners: two star-crossed lovers and scientists, Rumi and Jin, who share a cell with Sal, a mysterious vagrant. As they navigate their new-found reality and reconcile their past lives, they are haunted by ghosts and demons of their own making. The piece explores Sufi mysticism, ideas of Fanafillah, the prisons – literal and metaphorical – that we are put in, that we put ourselves in, and that we create ourselves, and how and whether it’s possible to escape such prisons.

Directed by Rafeh Mahmud, The Caged Bird Sings will star  Navtej Sandhu, Mikaela Lily Davies and  Rouvan Silogix, with Scenic Design by Waleed Ansari, Sound Design & Score by  John Gzowski and Costume Design by  Niloufar Ziaee.

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