The Vinyl Cafe

Stuart McLean is an author and story teller who has taken his heart-warming and hilarious stories on the road to audiences across Canada. Last week he stopped by The Rose Theatre in Brampton and was received by an enthusiastic sold-out crowd. McLean is best known as the host of the CBC radio programme The Vinyl Cafe which has been on the air since 1994 and is also heard via satellite radio around the world. The show drew an audience as young as seven and as old as eighty-nine; mostly those familiar with his show.

Music was provided by The Vinyl Cafe Orchestra, pianist John Sheard, base player Dennis Pendrith and the stirring soulful voice of special guest musician Reid Jamieson who also originally hailed from Brampton.

The Vinyl Cafe stories are about Dave, the owner of a second hand record store, his wife, Morley, their two children, Sam and Stephanie, and various friends and neighbours. Sounds mundane; however, McLean breathes them to life with his distinctive voice and his impeccable comic timing. McLean is also every bit as endearing as the film characters he writes about. The audience couldn’t stop laughing as McLean recalled how his love of the radio at an early age helped nurture his imagination and turn him into the master storyteller.

For more of Stuart McLean listen to The Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio across Canada.
Saturdays at 9:05am across Canada (Radio Two)
Sundays at 12:05pm across Canada (Radio One)
Tuesdays at 11:05pm across Canada (Radio One)
Also watch out for Stuart’s brand new book Extreme Vinyl Café and Stuart’s brand new CD Planet Boy.