Jeanne Beker Loves Her French Dressing Jeans

Jeans … first, there were Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler. Since the 60s their world wide popularity has made them the most universally worn item of clothing crossing class, gender, age and cultural lines. Jeanne Beker, fashion guru and host of CTV’s Fashion Television, has this to say about our favourite denim attire, “Jeans are the kind of thing that can make you or break you – they really say a lot about you. We want jeans to look really great but we sacrifice comfort level for a certain kind of look. But really it is all about the fit – you can have the most fabulous clothing in the world but unless they fit properly you are not going to look great, you are not going to feel good and you certainly are not going to feel comfortable.”

She wants to turn women of all ages on to a “really great product” – French Dressing Jeans (FDJ). There is a perfect fit available for every body type; the collection offers a range of styles differing by rise (Regular, Mid, Low), fit (petite or regular, Natural or Easy) and silhouette (slim, straight, boot cut or flared). With various “rise-fit-silhouette” combinations, all styles are designed to fit the butt and slim the tummy; some styles contain Lycra for greater comfort and durability.

“We really have to be realistic – older women now have fantastic bodies – but for the most part a lot of jeans are really cut for bodies of 18 year olds! Here we are human muffin tops trying to squeeze into jeans that are just way too small for our bodies – that is a really big mistake. The great thing about FDJ is there is no way that you are not going to find at least one or more that fit you.”

Starting October 22, FDJ has a 17 day Fit Clinic Tour across Ontario. Taking place in more than eight cities across the province in collaboration with selected retailers a team of experts will access each guest to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans. Also, this is a great opportunity to raise money for a great cause because with every pair of jeans that is tried on, FDJ is going to be donating $1 to breast cancer.

“With these clinics we have experts on hand that can really look at you and make you take a good honest look in the mirror. Trying jeans on is a kind of funny exercise; for some women it is like trying on a bathing suit – you know you sort of dread it because it reminds you of how out of shape you may be. FDJ is so unique – when you put a pair of these jeans on they instantly feel good … At the end of the day, we just have to feel good about ourselves in the clothes that we wear because fashion can be very empowering if used in the right way.”

French Dressing Jeans has been offering jeans of exceptional fit and superior quality for some 20 years, but it isn’t just about jeans. This Montreal company also has a collection of sweaters, blouses, jackets and vests that will complement your denim wear. FDJ clothing is available in more than 2000 independent and specialty boutique retailers across Canada and the States.