K-Y Intimacy Experiment

Are you satisfied with the current level of sexual activity in your relationship? If you answered “no” you are not alone – a recent survey shows that 56% of Canadian couples are not satisfied either, 90% are willing to do something about it and 48% currently use nothing for inspiration.

K-Y® Brand, Canada’s most popular personal lubricant, wants Canadian couples to explore new ways of injecting more fun and intimacy into their everyday lives. Teesha Morgan, a Vancouver-based sex therapist, coupled with K-Y to develop the K-Y Intimacy Experiment. Available on YouTube, this twelve-week interactive series of playful ‘homework’ assignments is designed to help you create a more meaningful and exciting relationship with your significant other. In addition, you can follow three couples online as they participate in the assignments and share their experiences, challenges and successes.

“Intimacy is obviously very important in our relationships; we don’t always prioritize it because there is so much going on in our lives with kids, work and other stresses, says Teesha. “We often let it go to the backburner which really effects our relationship long term – intimacy is not just physical but emotional and psychological as well … prioritizing each facet is crucial.”

Teesha shares some tips that will help you to enhance intimacy and strengthen that special bond with your mate. “Little things can really help like giving your partner a massage, or telling him/her that they are appreciated. Also, recreating your first date can help you remember what it was like when you first connected with your loved one … even touching them throughout the day helps to remind you both of your connection.”

So what makes Canadian couples happy? According to the survey, laughing together (71%), going out on dates (67%) and recalling happy memories (56%) are the top favourite intimate moments Canadians share with their partners outside the bedroom. But what about behind closed doors? Almost half (48%) of Canadians in long-term relationships agree that products such as personal lubricants and sexual enhancement toys create a more “playful” sexual environment. Twice as many regular users of personal lubricant are interested in enhancing the level of “playfulness” during sex compared to non regular users (56% versus 26%).

Based on the fact that only 9% of couples consider their relationships adventurous – what are Canadians waiting for? Be bold and daring; try a new position, have sex in a different location or reach for a bottle of personal lubricant … you may just rediscover that “lovin’ feeling.”