Nestlé NOIR – Shaping the Way we Enjoy Chocolate

Did you know that the cocoa (cacao) bean, an ingredient in chocolate, comes from pods growing in the trunk and lower branches of the Cacao Tree which in Latin (Theobroma Cacao) means “food of the gods?” Maybe that’s why for some, including myself, eating chocolate is an ecstatic experience.

Nestlé NOIR takes your chocolate encounter to a higher level. They have reinvented each square into a sensually shaped wave designed to enhance the perfect melting moment; place the square in your mouth with the flat side resting on your tongue and the large curve of the wave closest to the back of your mouth. Allow your tongue to experience the intense cocoa flavour and smooth texture as it slowly melts. Just heavenly….

Nestlé NOIR has five luscious flavours – Éclat Caramel, Intense 70%, Éclat Noir, Sublime 80% and Miel Amandes. Available at grocery and retail outlets across Canada for suggested retail price of $3.49 to $3.99 per 100 g bar. Arouse your senses….