Do Pet Lovers Make Better Partners?

Various studies have repeatedly proven that being a pet owner has many medical benefits including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and stress hormones. Children exposed to pets during their first year of life have a lower frequency of some allergies and asthma. Senior citizens who own pets actually need less medical attention than those that do not. And the list goes on…

According to Toronto psychotherapist and relationship counsellor Kimberly Moffit, owning a pet can positively impact your love life. “Pet lovers are generally more compassionate and more relationship orientated people because the pet to human bond prepares us for that human to human bond.

Moffit explains that a person’s pet preference also says a lot about what they look for in a mate. For instance, a Chihuahua fan may be attracted to someone who has a more demanding disposition, whereas a Lab devotee could gravitate towards a friendly, affectionate partner. “Studies have shown that cat lovers and dog lovers have different types of personalities. For example, dog owners tend to be more outgoing, love the outdoors and describe themselves as having more extroverted personalities than cat lovers.”

It comes as no surprise that single pet owners often look for someone who is responsible, dedicated and who shows signs of long term commitment. Well, who better than another animal lover? If you are a single pet owner wanting to meet others like yourself, there is an event you can attend at the Harbour Front called My Best Match. And get this – you can bring your pet! So if you are a little nervous about meeting people, having a pet can really break the ice and make the situation more comfortable.

Moffit elaborates, “This single’s mixer with a twist should be really fun. I really encourage people to come out because, as a relationship coach and a psychotherapist, I always tell my clients, “If you want to meet someone that is like-minded you have to put yourself into situations around people who are like-minded. It might not always be easy to get out there but you have to do it.” It also gives your pet a little flirt time as well!

If you would like to register for this event, go to This will also gain you entrance to other singles events that are happening in the city.

My Best Match
April 11, 3pm to 6pm
The PawsWay Pet Discovery Centre
245 Queens Quay West, North Building
Minimum age requirement is 25