Jonathan Roy

Blessed with a great voice, good looks, sense of humour and, let’s not forget, athletic prowess – Jonathan Roy has found a new passion in life … music. A former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League goalie and son of the legendary NHL star Patrick Roy, his new pop/rock CD entitled Found My Way will be in stores April 27 and his first single “Everyday” will be playing on radio stations nation wide.

The Canadian singer/songwriter likes to write about what’s going on in his life. He elaborates, “The album is about a 21 year old who is just going through life and who has ups and downs … it’s an autobiography … I am actually a quick writer; I get out the guitar, start doing a little riff, put on some lyrics … and then bring it to my producer Richard Samson.”

His debut album CD, What I’ve Become, sold over 25,000 copies in his home province of Quebec. Found My Way, his latest creative venture, features 14 songs recorded at the famous Avatar Studio in New York. Singing in the same booth as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and other great artists proved to be an inspirational experience for Jonathan, “I was going nuts … being in this kind of studio builds up emotions and it makes you want to do better.”

Recently, Jonathan visited the Bahamas to shoot the video of his single. “We took a plane and got out in Nassau then took a six hour sailboat ride to Norman’s Cay – which was really cool. We had so many ideas but the video is really based on the movie Cast Away.” (Tom Hanks plays the FedEx executive who survives a plane crash on a deserted island). Previewing on youtube, the “Everyday” video has already had about 40,000 hits in the first week. He chuckles, “It’s not like a Justine Bieber thing – but for us it’s big.

Jonathan talks about being successful in today’s music biz, “I think you have to be creative, you have to be humble, you have to have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously. Always remember where you are from and give a good show; I am a showman – that is the thing I love most – just going out on the stage.”

If you want to catch this talented artist on stage, Jonathan will be performing in Toronto at the Mod Club on May 3 – it will be free to the public. Following the Canadian launch of Found My Way, the tour will continue into the States and then Europe early next year. He adds zealously, “It’s getting pretty big and this is a great adventure – I love it.”

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