Can You Keep a Secret?

The folks at Caramilk are betting that you can and they are putting up $250,000 to prove it with The Search for the Caramilk Golden Keys contest. It works like this:

Caramilk has randomly hidden ten golden keys in Caramilk bars distributed across the country. The lucky Canadians who find the keys and qualify will travel to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Toronto this fall. The person whose key unlocks the famous Caramilk Vault will become the Protector of the Caramilk Secret and win $125,000. Another $125,000 will be awarded when the Caramilk Secret is safely returned in six months, unopened and untouched.

All the key holders will have a choice of receiving 365 bars of Caramilk for the next 25 years or a check for $9,946.75.

Follow the quest and get f
ull contest rules at, on or on Twitter at @caramilksecret.