Get Beauty Smart

Skin care doesn’t need to be a difficult chore. With a simple daily regiment of exercise, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods, you not only promote a healthy body but you will have beautiful skin. Beauty expert, Cheryl Gushue, offers a few simple facts and tips on how to maintain radiant skin all year around.

“Exercising everyday increases endorphins which will give you more energy and help you feel less tired.” Just by walking or biking you oxygenate your cells, improve fitness and muscular endurance which translates into increased energy and a fresher complexion.

“Our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water so it’s something that we need to replenish everyday. Water helps your bodies to clear toxins, flushes out impurities and keeps your skin looking plumper and healthier; it’s important to drink up to two litres of water per day – that means eight glasses.”

Cheryl prefers to drink products like smartwater – a zero-calorie, vapour-distilled, electrolyte-enhanced water. Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids which carry an electric charge; they affect the amount of water in your body, blood acidity (pH), muscle action and other important processes. In the summertime or when you exercise, you sweat more and lose electrolytes. Consuming smartwater not only restores H2O but also replaces these minerals. Another reason why Cheryl chooses this beverage is that it comes in a one litre bottle – this makes it very easy for her to measure her daily recommended dosage of water.

You are what you eat – health and beauty are created from the inside out, so eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits is important. Cheryl adds, “Consuming foods like citrus and melons, which have a high water content, allows you to replenish your daily water intake. Also eating foods high in antioxidants will help with collagen production, which in turn will improve the skin’s appearance, making it look firmer and younger.”

“Practice using this beauty trifecta (exercise + water + healthy food) and make it part of your daily chores and routines … make it a lifestyle habit. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and finding the right balance will vary from person to person. Don’t start when you are forty years old – do a little everyday and you will see the results.”

glacéau smartwater is available at drug, grocery and convenience stores across Canada in a 591ml bottle for a suggested retail price of $1.99 and in a 1 litre bottle for $2.59.