Cadbury Helps You Give Back

Cadbury has made it easy for you to give back. The company’s new Fair Trade Certified chocolate bars are now available on store shelves across Canada. This is how it works – every time you purchase a bar, you are helping to improve the lives of 60,000 cocoa farmers and their families in Ghana, Africa. So now you can satisfy your sweet tooth for a good cause … it’s that simple.

Cadbury has been trading with Ghana for over 100 years and has helped to successfully build the country’s cocoa industry. The company’s global Fair Trade commitment has vastly benefited these peoples’ lives by ensuring fair prices to farm workers, providing access to cleaner drinking water, offering equal employment opportunities for women, protecting the environment, improving local health care and more. That’s not all – over the next ten years, Cadbury is investing millions to secure the sustainable socio-economic future of cocoa farming in India, Indonesia and the Caribbean.

All solid Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (without nuts, fruits, etc.) will bear the Fair Trade mark. In those “moments of indulgence” when you crave a chocolate encounter – enjoy Cadbury’s newest offering.