Perfect Toned Summer Legs with Bic Soleil

The summer sun is heating up with a vengeance and that means giving up tights and wearing shorter hemlines and showing bare legs. Bic Soleil wants to help you show off your legs with confidence so they have teamed up with fitness expert Eva Redpath to offer you a few exercise tips to get your legs toned and looking their best.

Sautes: For the Glutes, quads, inner thighs, calves, core.
Exercise: Standing with heels together, toes turned out (dance 1st position) and

 hands on your waist.
 Bend knees, and jump both feet diagonally forward, landing wider than hip distance apart, knees at 90-degree angles facing the same directions as the
 toes, and in line with the ankles (dance 2nd position). Reach hands down, and
 touch fingertips to the floor.
 Bend knees and jump back to starting position.
Reps: Repeat 16 times

Plies: For the Inner thighs, quads, glutes.
Exercise:: Stand with feet wider than hip distance apart, toes pointing outward, hands 
on hips.
 Bend legs into the depth of the plie so that your quad, knee and shins form a 90-degree angle. Make sure the knees stay over the ankles. Hold for three counts and slowly stretch to standing for one count.
Reps: Repeat 16 times

Rises: For the Calves, balance, core stability.
Exercise: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet slightly turned out, placing

 your hands on the hips for balance.
 Raise your body onto the balls of your feet. Hold and slowly lower down making sure to keep ankles inline with your arches when pressing onto the ball of foot.
Reps: Repeat 16 times