Kovak Plays the El Mocamba at NXNE

Like every band attending the NXNE year after year, Kovak wants to “blow away the industry and get a big fat deal.” Across the pond from Brighton, UK, the four member band just may get what they are wishing for. With its contagious high energy electro dance sound and trashy pop image they are poised to take stardom on – and have fun doing it.

Lead vocalist Annelies, who has been with Kovak for two years, explains that originally the act started off 10 years ago as an indie rock band and over the years the music has evolved. “It doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily but I would describe our music as electro dance pop disco with balls – I will have to make an abbreviation of that one day,” she adds jokingly.

With so many bands vying for attention in the music market just getting noticed can be challenging. Annelies knows that it helps if you have something that sets you apart from the pack. “What we have in our favour is being quirky – this is so important because we don’t want to be a clone. Also, if you look at the top 40 in the UK there are a lot of fabricated acts out there where the people fronting it are just the performers and there is a whole team behind them writing the material. Whereas Kovak – we do it all ourselves.”

Their formula must be working because their dance track “Sex Electric” from their debut album Heroes and High Heels is featured in Michael Madson’s new film The Big I Am and their single “I’ll Be Good to You” video has already had over 30,000 hits and still climbing. They are also organizing their next video with legendary producer Tim Pope and they are months away from finishing their second album which they are recording with dance producer Andy Gray.

Kovak will be performing at the El Mocambo on June 16 @ 10pm. “Come out and see us, if you can and have a look at our facebook page … we would really love to come back to Canada again.” After NXNE the band, which is managed by Andy Hollis, will be returning to the UK to do a host of gigs and festivals. Then in August they will be appearing on MTV – it sure looks like this little band from Brighton is garnering enough momentum to get their big break…and deservedly so.