Divine Brown – Something Fresh

Watching Canadian R&B singer Divine Brown perform at the recent Whiskey Rocks benefit concert confirmed that she is truly a gifted artist with huge stage presence. The audience had the privilege of hearing some new material from her up-and-coming album Something Fresh which should be hitting the radio waves in the summer of next year.

Still a work in progress, Something Fresh has a nice flavour – a mix of dance, reggae and R&B. “I worked with The Runaways, a production group out of Toronto, for most it. I am still recording a few more tracks and I am just lining them up right now. So far, the title track is one of my favs and there’s a song called “I Need Somebody to Love” which is pretty dope – it’s a slow jam but it’s wicked.”

An established songwriter, she finds inspiration from life around her, “It could be as simple as a conversation with friends or people that I work with or if I happen to see something funny on the streets.”

With today’s industry saturated with so many different artists, Divine believes that it takes a lot of creative ingenuity to be recognized, “You have to be very creative about your approach, your image, your sensibilities. I think these days people tend to identify with how real you come across musically.”

We asked Divine if she enjoys watching any of the TV singing talent shows, “I absolutely love the X Factor because it opens up the demographic on who gets to audition … and there’s always a comedic outlet. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to be seen and heard. And great artists, who have gotten really big careers, started with that. My advice is always dream and dream big and don’t stop taking the steps to make your dreams a reality.”

For more info visit www.divinebrown.ca