House of Marley Comes to Toronto

Positive Vibrations Headphones - retail for CAD $69.99


Positive Vibrations Headphones - retail for CAD $69.99

Bob Marley’s message of peace, love and unity comes to Toronto. The House of Marley launch kicked off at the Ultra Club this week with members of the Bob Marley family debuting their new line of headphones.

Working together for a better world, The House of Marley was created from the belief in Bob Marley’s vision of “One Love”, offering a range of eco-conscious, innovative products that adhere to the Marley Family core values: Equality, Unity, Authenticity, Sustainability and Charity.

All products are eco-friendly and are made from sustainable materials such as hemp, wood and aluminum. And every time you purchase one of their products, you help out the 1Love organization that focuses on charities that benefit youth, plant and peace.

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