Heart and Stroke Foundation – Make Death Wait

A recent Heart and Stroke Foundation survey reveals that Canadians aren’t making time for healthy choices, which is contributing to the fact that heart disease and stroke is the number one killer of women and the cause of one is three deaths in this country. In fact, 82% of Ontarians say they would be more active and 63% say they would eat healthier if they could, but cite time as a barrier preventing them from doing so.

The foundation wants to reduce deaths due to heart disease and stroke by 25% by 2020 and is urging Canadians to take the time to make health a priority. You too can make a difference by supporting their goal of making one million actions against death before the end of February 2012. Here are five simple actions you can take today to Make Death Wait for you and the people you care about.


1. Take the Risk Assessment: You’ll be provided with personalized insights and helpful tips to progress towards a healthier you.

2. Download Facebook App: See how heart disease and stroke could affect your social network, learn the risk factors and share it with your friends and family.

3. Donate: Your donation will support life-giving research to help all  Canadians enjoy longer, fuller lives.

4. Volunteer: Put your expertise to work by canvassing during Heart Month, supporting a fundraising event or getting involved at one of our local offices.

5.  Perform a Healthy Action: Small acts like getting a physical, preparing a heart-healthy meal or going for a daily walk can improve your health. You can make a difference by committing to performing your own healthy action today!

For more info:  mdw.heartandstroke.ca/