M&M Meat Shops Steam and Serve

M&M Meat Shops Steam and Serve Entrée - Chicken Farfalle ($7.99)


M&M Meat Shops Steam and Serve Entrée - Chicken Farfalle ($7.99)

The new steam and serve entrée collection from M&M Meat Shops features a selection of meal-in-a-bag solutions that are affordable and quick to prepare for your family dinners. Packed with tasty ingredients in a special polybag technology, just slow steam in the microwave and a hearty meal will be ready to serve up in 10 minutes.

You can pair any of the four selections of steam and serve entrées with garlic bread and a simple side salad – it’s that easy:

Try the Shrimp Penne which features Pacific white shrimp tossed with tender asparagus tips and fire-roasted red pepper chunks over fluted penne pasta topped off with a rich tomato-basil sauce.

Add a little Italian essence to your family dinner table with the Triple Cheese Ravioli – traditional pasta stuffed with rich ricotta, romano and parmesan cheeses and smothered in a richly herbed homestyle marinara sauce.

Dish up the Chicken Farfalle entrée which features cooked and seasoned grilled chicken breast slices tossed with asparagus tips and diced tomato chunks, served over bite-sized bowtie pasta in a rich vodka rose sauce.

Or sample French cuisine with the Beef Bourguignon with Noodles. This comfort food classic includes fully cooked and seasoned beef chunks, sliced brown crimini mushrooms and whole pearl onions tossed over twisted pasta noodles in a rich buttery brown sauce flavoured with red wine.

Available in M&M Shop locations for only $7.99 per entrée. For more info on the new steam and serve entrée collection, shop locations or for tips on hundreds of meal ideas, visit www.mmmeatshops.com.