Clear Scalp & Hair’s Newest Innovation – Intense Hydration

Clear Scalp & Hair’s newest innovation, Intense Hydration. The new line includes shampoo, conditioner and a hydrating mask which are formulated with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients (including vitamins B5, C & E, sunflower, soybean, coconut oil and aloe vera) that leaves hair healthy from root to tip.

Clear Scalp & Hair Intense Hydration Shampoo & Daily Conditioner features formula with Cactus extract which strengthens hair from root to tip. Clinically proven to help replenish the scalp with essential hydration plus. Suggested retail price: $5.68-$8.49 (375mL).

Clear Scalp & Hair Intense Hydration Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask has dual-action formulation – a white stripe of deep hydrating treatment and an aqua stripe infused with cactus extract. Leaves hair looking beautifully strong from root to tip. Suggested retail price: $5.68-$8.49 (177mL).

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