M&M Meat Shops: NEW Products & Nutritional Search Tools

Finding delicious and convenient meal ideas to match special dietary or lifestyle needs is no longer a guessing game with M&M Meat Shops’ new products and nutrition tools. From gluten-free and natural selections, to sodium and calorie-conscious offerings, the meals-made-easy headquarters is serving up a whole new way to shop for food and plan meals.



Try M&M Meat Shops Gluten Free HOMESTYLE Naturals Chicken Burgers ($12.99; 6 x 120g). These mouth-watering, filler-free burgers are made with chicken and natural ingredients.






New M&M Meat Shops HOMESTYLE Naturals Angus Beef Burgers ($9.99; 4x 170g/6oz) feature 6oz of natural, delicious Angus Beef with absolutely no bread crumbs or fillers, no added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.



For more than 30 years M&M Meat Shops has been dedicated to offering only the best to your family. That’s why they’ve introduced these new products, easy-to-spot icons, an online Nutrition & Allergen Search Tool, and personalized service at the store counter to help you find the right food options for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for detailed nutrition facts, no-added preservatives or low fat products, or are avoiding specific allergens, you can find hundreds of meal ideas at M&M Meat Shops that will meet your needs. Visit M&M Meat Shops online tools or  www.mmmeatshops.com.