Second Cup Summer Drink Festival Offers a Delicious Blast of Cool

Summer has finally arrived and the Second Cup Summer Drink Festival is welcoming winter-weary Canadians with refreshing icy beverages. This season, Second Cup, the specialty coffee retailer with more than 350 stores across Canada, is introducing two new refreshing options – a Frozen Lemonade and a Black Cherry Smoothie – which join espresso-based favourites like Second Cup’s popular Chillatte and Iced Latteson the summer drink board. So whether you’re craving an icy coffee or something a little different, there’s a chilled beverage on the menu for you.

Popularity of Iced Coffee is Brewing
The iced coffee market has grown in Canada in recent years, and a recent survey commissioned by Second Cup reveals that the majority of iced coffee beverages are still consumed out-of-home. While half of Canadians are now drinking iced coffee, only 6% of respondents drink the beverages exclusively at home, while almost one-third (29%) enjoy these beverages only in coffee shops. The vast majority of those who drink iced coffees (79%) drink them during an afternoon break, with 12% drinking them in the morning and 10% enjoying them in the evening.

At Second Cup, customers can order an iced version of any espresso-based beverage, coffee or tea, any time of day, any time of year, and it will be handcrafted to exact specifications. For those who like a little variety in their cup, the Second Cup Summer Drink Festival is featuring one of five favourite drinks at a special price – $3.49 for a medium – all summer long.

These icy heroes include:
– Chillatte – a delicious chocolate frappe, ice cold, creamy and lightly sweet; made with Second Cup premium espresso.
– NEW Black Cherry Real Fruit Smoothie – made with real black cherry fruit puree.
– NEW Frozen Lemonade – Crisp, clean and refreshing; with a light and tangy real lemonade flavour.
– Frrrozen White Hot Chocolate – The deliciously decadent taste of white chocolate blended with milk and ice.
– Matcha Green Tea Frappé – a creamy and sweet source of antioxidants, with the revitalizing flavours of fresh herbal and green tea notes.

The featured beverage changes every two weeks, so keep popping into Second Cup find your favourite, and visit the Company’s new website at