Metro Inc. Awarded for Progress in Corporate Responsibility

Metro is pleased to announce the most recent progress that it has made with respect to Corporate Responsibility, included in its 2014 Report, covering the 2013 fiscal year. This is the second Report that the company has produced, using an approach launched in 2010.

“The efforts and contributions made by our teams have led to some impressive advances over the past year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the various internal working committees who, along with our suppliers and other stakeholders, showed innovation and determination in dealing with these new business imperatives. We are proud of the work we have done.” added Eric La Flèche, President and CEO of Metro Inc.

The approach rests on four pillars, whose priorities reflect key societal issues. Here are the highlights:

Delighted Customers
– Implementation of the My Healthy Plate with Metro program, intended to help concerned consumers make healthier food choices. A wide selection of Good and Great choices and easy to locate smile icons on the shelves typify Metro’s healthy approach.
– Enhanced product offering to promote good nutrition: one example is our Irresistibles Life Smart product line, which included 184 products at the end of 2011, and jumped to 253 products in 80 categories.

Respect for the Environment
– Reduction of carbon footprint of our corporate and franchised stores: reduction of 18.4 per cent of our greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2010.
–   Launch of new recycling programs to reach our goal of a 25% reduction in waste destined for disposal by 2016: 74,100 tonnes of waste diverted from landfills in 2013.

Strengthened Communities
– Development of a Local Purchasing Policy to promote and provide optimized access to local products. This policy revolves around three guiding principles, making Metro a unique showcase for regional products, a partner of choice of Aliments du Québec and the main ally of innovative suppliers.
– Launch of the new Nourishing for Growth Community Investment Program: donations in cash and in goods and services totalling $5.1 million made to the community in 2013, notably to implement initiatives aimed at encouraging access to food and promoting good nutrition.

Empowered Employees
– Fewer lost time accidents in Quebec and Ontario for a sixth consecutive year. No accidents occurred in 152 establishments.
– Continued development of training programs focused on customer experience for employees and managers: 2,973 employees trained, along with training activities followed by 8,261 employees.

“Metro’s business strategy places the customer at the centre of all our decisions. Their needs and ever-growing CR expectations towards companies confirm our strategic direction and the various initiatives stemming from it,” commented Marie-Claude Bacon, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs Department and Corporate Responsibility.

Mercuriades 2014
Metro was presented with an award at the Gala des Mercuriades 2014, the annual awards ceremony organized by the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec, in the Sustainable Development – Large Company category. The award recognized a company whose commitment and achievements with respect to Sustainable Development are remarkable and unique in its industrial sector. Corporate Responsibility approach enables it to structure its programs and initiatives in a manner that links its CR commitments to its business goals and strategy.

The Report is available online only at