Sign the BIC Fight For Your Write Pledge and Rally Canadians to Save Handwriting

Handwriting is critical to a child’s development and in today’s electronics-driven world, the emphasis on handwriting is not a priority, especially for school-aged children. To rally Canadians, BIC – a leading manufacturer of writing, marking and correction products – is launching the BIC Fight For Your Write movement to encourage Canadian families to help save handwriting for future generations. The campaign includes a pledge, along with strategies and tips for making handwriting fun for developing minds.

BIC is also working with Breakfast Club of Canada to help ensure children go to school hungry for knowledge, not hungry for food. 60% of learning in school happens before lunch making breakfast food, brain food. That’s why BIC Fight For Your Write is donating $10,000 directly to Breakfast Club of Canada and giving an additional $10,000 (retail value) of stationery supplies to Canadian schools in need through the organization.

Here are five expert tips from Pam Allyn, literacy advocate, education expert and author and founder of LitWorld, a global organization that advocates for children’s rights as readers, writers and learners, to help make handwriting fun for developing minds.

1. Set aside specific times during the week for writing stories, songs or even jokes. Let your kids use their imaginations.
2. Have an assortment of colourful pens and pencils on hand that will make kids want to spend more time writing.
3. Make writing special for kids with their own personal table, desk, or designated area. Get them excited about their own writing space!
4. Give kids a fun assignment that requires them to write. Make a birthday wish list or write a letter to someone famous.
5. Make up games around writing. Practice signing their autograph to give to mom or dad.

Sometimes the perfect writing instrument can make all the difference in a child’s creativity and drive to succeed. BIC has a range of products that help make writing fun whether the topic is Math, English or Art. Some popular choices for the upcoming school year include: BIC Atlantis Original Ball Pen, BIC Extra-Fun Pencil, BIC 4-Color Ball Pen, BIC Extra-Craze Mechanical Pencil, BIC Velocity Gel Pen, BIC Briteliner Highlighters and BIC Kids Mechanical Pencil.

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